Digital Marketing Services

There are many steps necessary to take to beat your competition. My goal is to provide services I only have extensive knowledge and proven track record of excellence. Whether you need a personal strategy session or need to optimize and promote your website, I’m excited and ready to begin.

Strategy 1 on 1 Session

Onpage SEO (Technical SEO)

Onpage SEO may seem basic, but the devil is in the details. I have an extensive checklist of items. Have a sitemap? Verified in Bing? Need advanced schema structured data…the list goes on. Without this step you are wasting time, money and losing rankings for no good reason.

Rankings (Promotional Offpage SEO)

Now that you are technically setup better than all your competitors, the only thing standing in your way is popularity. If you don’t promote your brand and website online, then Google and Bing do not value it as highly as your competitors who are investing in their digital marketing strategy.

Public Relations

Google Adwords Management

Facebook Advertising Management

Bing Ads Management