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I accidentally learned what SEO was in 2006, but even more eye-opening was what I discovered just a few short years ago (an even stronger form of SEO), which you will know too if you read this page. Maybe you know what SEO is, so it’s price shopping time! SEO is one of two things in your mind: either manipulation by any means necessary, ends justify the means, or doing quality work, which is proven to get great results. While they both appear similar, one is rooted in short-sighted tactics, and the other is unbeatable, safe, and effective. One is rooted in fear, and low-budget wishful thinking, while the other is rooted in quality, brand power, and logic. It’s aligning your website with the search engines as an ally, not an adversary. Google and Bing want to deliver the best, most relevant search results to their “shareholders”, the end search user. If Onpage SEO is not technically setup correct, then all the promotion in the world isn’t going to help. Google is not just a relevancy engine, it’s also a popularity contest – welcome back to high school ! ūüôā This makes sense because you have¬†more than 1, 2, 3, 5, maybe even 500 competitors. If you think SEO is still about buying links, spammy volume, close this out now. If you continue you’ll completely free your mind and see the potential, and actual live results of doing high end SEO.

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Matt Anton Marketing Case Study

How Long is a Piece of String?

A question often asked is “how much is this going to cost me?” We all know a $1 hamburger can’t be as quality as a $15 steak, yet we often purchase based on price, a knee-jerk reaction. What if buying cheap SEO was actually more expensive in both the near and long term? Buying Cheap Links, or manipulating keyword stuffing often results in a penalty by Google, either formal or algorithm. What did you buy? An Anchor which just took your website down to the depths of SEO hell. Cheap, fake links, blogs, social, etc are often short-lived; if you business is going to be around for 6 months, let alone 6 years, you are essentially renting results, as your foundation is set on sand. Do you think the person sitting in his mom’s basement (I’ve been there, read my about page), is outsmarting Google and Bing? Trickery works, but loopholes are quickly closed, and line-cutters are unceremoniously deindexed and banned from ranking on page 1, let alone page 10.

Your Story Matters: High End SEO = Public Relations

Think of your favorite Super Hero or Celebrity. Do you know their backstory? Ever noticed Origin stories make the best movies? Because people care how someone came to be – The Batman, Spiderman, Superman. My favorite is the Punisher movie, because it shows a family man who was robbed of his family when they were brutally murdered. As a family man, I connect on a deeper level, and instead of viewing him as a cold-blooded murderer, I was cheering for his revenge. Context is everything, and your story matters, never dismiss this; whether you sell recycled metal, or sandwiches, you have to begin becoming the business, becoming the person you need to become. In fact, when you order, you’ll be asked to sit down and write out your life-story. 1% of all new clients already have a thorough about page, but many stay at a superficial level. If you aren’t willing to be naked and unapologetically great and showcase why your customers should do business with you, and not your competition, then you are in good company. Many of the examples below or on the case studies page started off nearly with a cursing match with a client, as they fought hard to remain anonymous, little, or unimportant. Every client, without exception has loved the way their website looks, converts, but now how they feel knowing they are who they wanted to become. Promotional high end SEO is now public relations – it’s all about story telling.

Memory is Based on Associations…so are the Search Engines

When you first learned about fish, you studied its environment. Now you understand through association fish live and swim in water, which allow future learning associated with fish or water much quicker and easier. Search engines are mimicking the human brain. Are you feeding Google and Bing the proper associations with your business? Just like the human mind is a machine, which can only give outputs based on inputs, search engines need to see consistency. Is your business name ubiquitous on the web? Your address, your slogan, your services. It’s not enough to simply have everything on your own personal website. Google and Bing will continue looking for associations related to your name, business, address, services, and endless other variables to create associations. Your story is the ultimate vehicle to consistently feed and shape the way the search engines “see” your business. When done repeatedly, over and over again, they finally say “enough already, we understand you are the #1 INSERT INDUSTRY HERE”. It has no choice, as it’s the only inputs¬†available.

Story Telling?! But I Just want to RANK higher in the Search Engines

Matt Anton SEO Service Public Relations

Have you ever thought why Google and Bing rank a website over another? I mean really really think about it. The web is about connections and citations. Remember those book reports from 4th grade where you had to use standard citation practices? It’s no different, just digital. You can see this entire video and other examples in the case studies section for Soccer Centers. Imagine if you lived in NJ, and had children interested in soccer. Now read all of these stories and tell me you aren’t more excited to have your child enroll. Without these stories, we have no vehicle to promote the brand. Yes, a beautiful website, and full technical Onpage SEO are necessary, but without this promotion Google doesn’t realize they have this 44,000 square foot facility. We birthed it into existence and virtual reality now matches up closer to reality – higher rankings and prestige as a top soccer center in NJ. I’ll just show you one more to save space on this page…there are dozens of these. Rankings are up, traffic is up, revenues are up.

SEO Rankings Service

I Looked in the Mirror – I’m a Re-seller of Offshore Cheap Spam

So how did I get to this point? I looked at myself one day and realized I was reselling cheap overseas labor, marked up. SEO used to be a fun game, but was quickly becoming commoditized. I was determined to either prove high end SEO was not only possible, it was a higher ROI than any shortcut possible. If I failed I was going to change professions, as reselling overseas labor¬†wasn’t exactly lighting a fire under me every morning.

Matt Anton Atlanta SEO Agency

Atlanta SEO is the greatest case study, a manifestation of everything I stand for. The website is professional (it’s a theme, yet made personalized to our agency), it has calls to action, perfect technical Onpage SEO, and amazing promotional search engine marketing. Dan Anton, owner was in the military. He not only was in the military he had a unique story and value proposition using software and a personalized approach. It was a light-switch moment. It wasn’t enough to simply take care of clients well, we had to reach out to real bloggers, press outlets, websites, social media and collaborate with writers to have live stories. One of them is below:

content outreach marketing

My theory was if we take someone’s about us page, and transplant it on enough quality, real websites, then Google and Bing would see these associations, love it and rank. Best of all, it was real marketing principles, as they were valuable sending referral traffic – the entire point of the internet, not just activities for the benefit of ranking. This is and was Public Relations. We ended up dominating in a major U.S city, Atlanta, and repeated for our NJ location, then did for all our high end clients. The results were amazing. The young 20-something in me who viewed marketing and SEO as manipulation, or strictly a one-sided game has given way to the 30-something adult in me; nothing is free, and those willing to go extreme quality will win vs the short-sighted, cheap price shopping fake brands.

Internet Marketing Service

It’s not enough to write a quality story. You need placements.

  • It costs money to gather emails of real bloggers/website owners
  • Email them staying CAN SPAM compliant
  • Negotiate Price back and forth (email and phone)
  • Write a well-written story
  • Approval / Get Story Live
  • Socially Share

Example of failed negotiation here (takes a lot of time/effort to get real SEO promotions):

So how are people still selling “Cheap SEO?”? If someone wanted to post to your blog or website, would you do it out of the goodness of your heart? You can logically see they aren’t reaching real webmasters. They are posting to fake blogs, press outlets, cheap directories, etc, all to maximize their own ROI, while they build you a virtual house-of-cards. Yes, there are less costs because you aren’t “paying anyone off” but realize you are posting to¬†fake blogs, whether personally owned known as Blackhat SEO. Fake blogs, fake press, fake news, fake social. By going high end, our SEO service has become highly sought after by marketing agencies with integrity, as they themselves do not want to risk their own business website. Now you completely understand the difference between cheap, fake promotional SEO, and high quality, story-telling on 3rd party websites. This service is a one-off. It’s not month to month or a long-term contract. That’s because we know you’ll absolutely love the work done and order 2x the second time around. If you buy SEO based on price and not value, you’ll either be penalized within 6 months or wasted your money, if not both.¬†Businesses with integrity, heart and determination love this SEO work; fly-by-night companies need not apply.