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“Words may show a man’s wit but actions his meaning.” – Ben Franklin

Words are often empty, lofty, and unfortunately insincere. Action and results are all that matter. Do not invest your time into learning my “Why” story, if you do not believe I can help you, by viewing my “What Can I Do For You” section.

My name is Matt Anton, and a sequence of events from my birth have brought me here today.

Today I am a son, brother, husband and father. Two little girls are my biggest “why”. I also am a “marketer”. Odd, to pigeon hole oneself isn’t it? Who are you?

I grew up to a 2 parent, loving household with 2 brothers as the middle child.

Father is an alpha male. My mother devoted her life to her family and children. I often feel I have my father’s strength and mothers heart.

Excelled in sports and academics; graduated 5th in my class at Neptune High School. Accepted to a top college in New Jersey – TCNJ.

Couldn’t afford school by Junior year – forced to drop out (I thought I would go back someday…life had other plans)

Loss of identity, turned to drinking, video games – depression. I hated life and owed over $20,000; the collection calls were a nice, pick-me-down during the day.

Took a “job” as a Manny for 5 autistic, non-verbal adults. I could barely cook and clean for myself in my mother’s basement yet here I was, learning to care for others, love them, and love myself in the process.

Started passion project, a social network for gamer’s website with brother Dan Anton. Wanted it to succeed so badly I thought “traffic” was the cure to a bad business model and learned and tested just about every way to market online.

It failed, and all I had left was a skillset…turned out it was needed and useful

Applied to online marketing manager for a billion dollar travel agency – Liberty Travel. Walked in with a checklist of all the ways to improve the website and marketing efforts. I was hired on the spot.

Helped overhaul their entire online marketing efforts, and grew disenfranchised with corporate red tape and working for only 1 company when I saw the companies we were outsourcing to charging ridiculous rates.

Began selling marketing services and consultation on freelancer websites and message forums. Got better, experimented, both above board and underhanded tactics. The video game addict in me loves beating systems, so it’s a good combination of creative thinking, principles and testing.

I’ve committed to bettering myself through daily activities: eating clean, yoga, singing, meditation, playtime with my girls, dates with Cass, giving it all I have for each client. Actions are all that matters. I’ve written my day out and purposefully structuring my value system and life. I do not know what I will be or do, but my actions will align with a loving son, husband, father, business partner, and marketing agency. I pray for strength and guidance to continue on this path and the courage to give my all in both my personal and professional life.

Cassandra (wife), Olivia, Evelyn and myself (Christmas 2016)

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