Matt Anton


Matt Anton is an SEO / online marketing service provider.

Matt was the Online Marketing Manger of Liberty Travel, a billion dollar travel industry, before starting his own marketing agency.

Matt has been focused on SEO since 2006

Matt and brother Dan Anton run the most popular wholesale SEO services. Their custom software and services are integrated with hundreds of products and trusted by top SEO experts in the industry.

Matt’s ideal client is a web designer with multiple clients that want to rank higher in the search engines.

Why Matt Anton, and Why Wholesale SEO?

Your clients want rankings. You don’t want another job. Matt has 10 years of experience, business relationships, vast networks of bloggers, social media influencers, custom SEO software, and a US/International team that ONLY focuses on SEO. You can either help your clients and earn more money, or do the bare minimum and watch your client list shrink along with client satisfaction OR pay fake wholesale pricing to a larger agency with huge overheads.

Matt’s wife and daughter. Family man focused on work/life balance. His passion, hobby and profession resolve around SEO.

Matt and wife


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